Marc Juan started to work in the fashion sector eleven years ago, after finishing his studies in Fashion, Communication and Marketing at Istituto Europeo di Design, acquiring experience through several professional roles and responsibilities: on-line shop manager, chief of the sales department in the children area and marketing assistant in a business to business portal specialized in fashion, retail, design and consumer behavior analysis.

After completing these tasks, and having acquired new competences in each of them, he had a first contact with the field of fashion communication, four years ago, and he discovered his passion in helping brands to have a higher presence in the media through different channels: Magazines, Editorials, Websites, Blogs, TV ads, TV soap operas, Fashion shows, Movies, TV shows, Etc.

He has since worked for several brands, achieving to enhance the brand’s position in the market, so the audiences can fully grasp all the brand values in a personalized way.

On the other hand, in the development of his professional life, he has taught at Istituto Europeo di Design. More precisely, he has taught in the triennial fashion marketing course: Decisions in Communication.

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