The goal of positioning brands and their values can be carried out through several communication tools: Press Office / Internal Showroom / 2.0. Communication / Optional Actions

Press Office:

Creation of the press kit and its packaging, cohesive with the corporative image.
Creation of the seasonal CD, including silhouetted campaign images on a white background and/or with a model.
Planning an action calendar, covering a six-month period.
Sending of thematic press releases.
Preparation and sending of images for shoppings and other press documents.
Telephone follow-up of stylists, designers, journalists and fashion editors.
Clipping (compilation of the appearances in press).

Internal Showroom:

Cession and sending of products for press, blogs, TV shows and advertising.
Personalized product presentations.
Press announcements.
Creation of press and/or VIP outlets.

2.0. Communication:

Creation or updating of social networks: 
Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vevo, LinkedIn, Tuenti, Other 2.0. platforms
Webpage updating..

Optional Actions:

Internal communication for brands.
Management of advertising campaigns.
Analysis and study of the existing competitors (benchmarking).
Training courses for employees.
TV fashion shows or catwalks.
Sponsorship, patronage and partnership actions.
Fashion trend analysis.